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An ERP system is used to manage the tasks of a whole company. When entrusting someone with the task of managing the ERP, you need someone who knows the system in & out. Good implementation can increase the productivity of employees & help making management decisions easier, quicker & more profitable

We provide experienced consultants & developers who have immense knowledge of day to day challenges faced with AX. They are also experienced with managing assigned tasks, user communication, etc.

Following are few of the important points that are kept in mind by our consultants:

  • Perform extensive research & analysis before starting work to avoid rework.

  • Mapping the requirements to standard features & use as little customization as possible.

  • Gather information on why a feature or customization is required, so that if possible, better features or alternative approaches can be suggested.

  • Intense testing performed on Development/Test Environment of any feature provided to test if it fits the process perfectly. This minimizes the risk of issues occurring on Live environment.

  • Training provided to users for the features developed. Training manuals with test case scenarios can be provided, if required.

  • Testing round performed with users, considering all the test case scenarios, to ensure that their requirements are fully matched.

What we do

We are a team of highly experienced Dynamics AX Consultants, extensively trained with processes followed by organizations of varied nature, to handle your implemented AX. Unlock the full potential of Dynamics AX with our help.

Development & Consulting:

  • Creating custom modules for features not available in AX.

  • Creating custom forms & reports as an extension or replacement to the features available in AX


  • Once AX is implemented, need to enhance the existing features or implementing new features will arise.

  • We achieve the required functionality with as little process change for users as possible, so that the normal work pattern of the user is not hampered.

Support & Maintenance:

  • Support is required to resolve the day to day issues within AX once the implementation phase is completed.

  • Support is not just limited to resolving issues that arise. An organization may have a need to start using more features in AX as business grows.

  • Fulfilling an organization’s requirement with standard AX processes, with as little customization as possible, is our motto.

  • Change in user’s responsibilities will also require user training. We provide user manuals & training to individual users or user groups as & when required. We can also provide users with test case scenarios & steps to follow in each of those specific cases along with the screenshots as their guide.

  • Security is very crucial to any company. Only authorized users should get information relevant to them & should be allowed to view/create/change/delete any data. We help maintain security in AX so that our client’s sensitive data remains safe & secure. AX provides a list of user roles with what rights each role provides. But it doesn’t always fit with every company’s policies & process. Customizing these roles & custom roles are something we are very familiar working with.

  • We help maintain AX servers too. As the data within AX grows & the number of AX users increase, requirement for managing performance of AX & SQL servers increases. If they are not maintained properly, productivity of the users will be affected. While maintaining them properly post-implementation helps improve the productivity of the users.

Enterprise Mobility:

  • AX users may not always have access to their PC but may need some important information that will be helpful to them in the situation. For such users, a mobile app that connects to their AX system can be helpful.

  • Sales persons, service personnel and warehouse workers are few types of users who are in need of data outside of their desk.

  • Features useful for sales persons: Entering a sales order offline and sinking them to AX when they have connectivity. View the prices & availability of sales items and services offline. View customer details, details of their past and current orders, etc.

  • Features useful for service persons: Viewing service orders assigned to them for the day, viewing similar service orders, service orders of the same customer, ordering replacement parts, etc.

  • Features useful for warehouse workers: View the inventory of items, ability of counting, picking, etc.

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